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Privacy statement

Strategy Mortgage Corp. collects various personal and financial information necessary to underwrite and submit a complete file to the funding bank who will issue you a mortgage at closing. All information collected is kept under tight security and is not shared with any other entity in any way. Computer files are safeguarded and accessed only on a need to know basis.

Our employees are trained and governed by policies that include their responsibility to protect the confidentiality of our clients’ nonpublic personal information. Employees are authorized to access or use the nonpublic personal information we collect only in the discharge of their assigned duties. Violations of policy are subject to our normal disciplinary actions.

We do not share or sell any information either specific or in general with any outside persons or organization. After two years have elapsed, all hard copy files are shredded under management supervision by a professional shredding service on our premises.

We have no joint marketing agreements with any persons or organizations. We do not release the names, addresses or telephone numbers of our clients to anyone unless compelled to by valid court order.

Please call William Krasnor, President of Strategy Mortgage Corp. if you have any questions about our confidentially policy.

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